About Our Business: Charlotte Professional Home Measurement

Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide accurate home measurement services that follow state standards.
Residential measurements will follow the guidelines in the NCREB “Yellow Book” to ensure the most accurate
measurement for real estate professionals. We will also offer a variety of professional measurement services to
businesses and consumers.

We have over 10 years of experience measuring residential properties. We started this company as demand for
accurate home measurements has increased.

Technology: We utilize the latest in professional laser measurement devices the Disto Leica E7500I. This is
combined with sketch program applications on professional tablets to transfer measurements utilizing Blue
Tooth* technology. We also offer point of sale credit card transactions for immediate transfer of sketch purchases
and receipts.  

Our fees our competitive but our services and professional sketches make up for paying slightly higher than our
lowest price competitor. We have mastered our sketch programs which allow you to view sketch dimensions and
compare them to other sketches to determine accuracy or discover errors. If you have evidence we have made an
error >3% we will re-take measurements and note where differences may have occurred. If our measurements
are found to be in error >3% no charge, otherwise a 50% measurement fee for our services is required.

Fees: Our fee structure is sized based. We really don’t care how big it is. See our services page for fee structure.

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