Up to 2000sf
Every Additional 500sf Over 3000Sf
Homes over 5000sf
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Room Labels
Include Outbuildings, Porches, Patios, Decks
25 cents per mile round-trip from office address
Interior Room Measurements
$1 per room
Questions on Total Cost
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Services We Provide: Charlotte Professional Home Measurement
Fees: Our fee structure is not just sized based, but how complex it is. We anticipate a basic sketch to have 8
corners including the garage. All sketches include major room/bathroom labels. Interior room measurements
Split-level, Tri-level, fee is the same as 2 story. I have a Suprakey for access as I am a member of CRRA
as an appraiser. We have access to public records or you may present a floor plan for the estimate.

We don’t just measure homes. If you have something that needs a professional measurement call us for a
quote. We travel within a 20 mile radius of our office. Travel fee over 30 mile round-trip from our office is
$0.25 per mile.

See samples on home page for how sketches we provide. Ask about our referral discount.

*Square footage includes living area, garage, decks, and patios if requested in fee table.

Disclaimer **Our measurements are our best estimates and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. If you have evidence we are not within
3% of the actual GLA you may request a re-measurement within 7 days of service.** If we are wrong the 2nd measurement is free if not a 50%
discounted fee is charged for the 2nd measurement. For details call us.

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